2002 426f... So hard to start

I just purchased the bike, always wanted a thumper, but was a 90s two stroke kid, it's very difficult to start, the compression release is a metal thumb style release and is a pain in the ass/thumb!

It has a red choke, I thought that was the hot start

OK, if it still has the red knob on the carb, the thumb lever is not an aftermarket hot start kit.  You might want to run out and get the correct lever, or you can convert the engine to automatic decompression by installing a stage one exhaust cam from Hot Cams. 


Either way, the procedure shown in the videos will help you get it going as long as you have the manual setup in place.  The other thing that's really important is having the idle mixture tuned right.  Makes a huge difference.

Thank you for the insight, I would definately like to do the stage one exhaust cam in the near future, I will definately get the idle mixture checked when I have the valves checked. I feel really ignorant and almost intimidated by the mechanics of the big four strokes. This has all been really helpful. It is settling... I had gotten worried when the head pipe glowed when it sat and idled, the small engine noise had me freaking too. The guys here have really helped me understand the nature of the beast

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