Removed Timing chain tensioner. Frozen kickstarter.

Hey all,
I was trying out some different jetting and putting a new intake boot on my 98 wr 400.
I got tired of wrestling with the carb and removed the timing chain tensioner to make it easier to reinstall.
When I reinstalled it and went to give it a kick. I heard a couple clicks and then kickstarter wouldnt budge.
I had to leave for work so did'nt have time to figure anything out.

I'm guessing I must have bumped the kickstarter or moved the bike in gear at some point while the tensioner was off.?
Skipped a couple teeth maybe?


Does the Tensioner need to be installed at TDC or something? I thought nothing of it while removing it.  :thumbsdn: 
What do I now? Go through the timing procedure?
Also: Is the tensioner supposed to be almost impossible to budge with your hands? 

Oh man....


You have to re-time everything. 



Please buy a service manual....

Kah Ran Nee is definitely want to get all the timing and indexing right

Not sure about the WR specifically, but in some cases if the indexing is off the piston can hit the valves then you have a BIG problem


Also: Is the tensioner supposed to be almost impossible to budge with your hands?



I agree with the other posters that the engine may have moved when the tensioner was out and skipped a few teeth, but.....


This statement leads me to believe the OP does not know how the tensioner works and put it back incorrectly without winding it in first.

Doing that can cause issues.  


Before you do anything else, remove the tensioner again and put it back following the proper procedure.


THEN, remove the valve cover and verify the cam timing.

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I think my post made me a sound a little dumber than I am. I was in such a hurry that day and anxious to get the bike running right.
I do have a service manual and I did wind the tensioner. With my finger on the plunger and the tension released it seemed really hard to push it like it was an on/off switch.

Anyway. yeah the intake cam was way off. I didnt have a flywheel puller so I took out the exhaust cam cap to take tension off the chain and move everything into place, naturally the circlip went bye-bye despite me knowing it was there and having a magnet ready.
2 broken pick up tools and 2 sets of flashlight batteries later. I drove 80 miles and got the puller. Found the ciclip the only place it could have been. Behind the stator. Fun times.

My next question is: What's the best way to move everything around? With everything in place (and tensioner uninstalled) There's still too much tension to get the chain over the sprockets. I could do it from the crank sprocket easiest but won't have the TDC mark.
If I mark it on the case is that accurate enough?

Lol again guys. I promise I'm not dumb. My wrenches are just a bit rusty if you know what I mean.

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