2011 450 engine noise question

So I am having a odd noise coming from my engine and am not sure where it's coming from. When I kick the motor over and it doesn't start I can hear what sounds like a bearing going. And when I shut it off I hear it. My oil filter had a tiny amount of metal in it so I decided to pull my motor apart to investigate. Top end was where I looked most because the sound happens in neutral. Everything looked fine. No marks in cylinder. Valve train was good. Rod and crank was right. I confidently put it back together and have rode it 3 times now and can still hear it but hasn't really got worse.

It's sounds like a counter shaft meshing problem kinda, and get the sound mostly when the engine did not start after I kicked it and it's turning over to a stop. Or when I kill the engine and turns over to a stop.

I just pulled the oil filter and am going to cut it open tomorrow to inspect it. But wondering if this is just normal or do I actually have a problem here?

If I was to give a direction to the sound it's maybe from the front right....

Any ideas will help.

The engine is naturally noisy.  It's a race engine, and no effort has really been put into quieting it down at all except for a clearance reduction in the primary gears in '08.


Most of the noise actually comes from all of the gears (19 of them, altogether) reacting to the speed changes at the crankshaft as the single cylinder engine launches itself forward off the power stroke and then slams into the next compression stroke.  Like if you had 20 bowling balls in your pickup bed and were alternating between the gas and brake over and over.

Thank u, makes sence. Makes me feel better.

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