Ressurection YZ426F

Great post, the 426 is a great bike. Here's my 2000 YZ426 I have owned since new and turned into a dual sport bike, by the way over 500 hours, just replaced valves for the first time and piston and rings. Riders tell me how expensive 4 strokes are to maintain, this bike is on its original crank, and on its 4th hour meter.


Yes! I like to hear that!


Anything over the weekend rbi?


Not too much! I was trying to recover from my travels, picked up a slight cold....yuk.  But I am building momentum for another update! 


  The fill side rad from Myler's came back, it looks good. The carb from Zip Ty Racing should be here tomorrow along with some other goodies. New clutch mount and cable, new throttle cable, head gasket, and some hardware.


I started the timing chain replacement but that ended up turning into an ordeal. In short I had to pull the head. That's why I ordered the head gasket.


I pulled the plug to make the engine easy to turn over. When I saw the plug, I knew a ton of dirt had just dropped into the cylinder. ( should have checked/blown it out :facepalm: )


 I am glad I did because there was a pile of dirt sitting on top of the piston.


Also, I decided to clean the head and camshafts as a bit of dust was on them from banging around in the shed.


Will post pictures and update later this week :ride:

I stole these pics from Satch0922 photo bucket. These are from the 2001 December issue of MXA.





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We are down the final stretch.


Here are some pictures from my last update.


As mentioned before I pulled the head because of some dirt that dropped through the spark plug hole and general dirt in the head area. I am glad I decided to pull the head...that was quite a bit of dirt!


cXyRnr.jpg  4wGHeF.jpg


Tapping the EX bolt hole. It turned out ok....a little crooked, but it seems to hold fine.




Here is the head and new gasket all ready to go. I cleaned and washed the cylinder head prior with solvent.




I got everything torqued up and then ripped the engine out.




Then I found this under my frame.....





It is one of two locating pins / dowel pins that sits in the cylinder.....I remember seeing one, but I didn't realize there were supposed to be two until I found this one. The service manual confirmed it. I almost decided to just run it with one, but I hate having little things like that stay on my mind!!!


So I tore it down again in record time! Much easier the second time and with the engine out of the frame. I also marked my cams and chain with paint so it would be easy to time.




I popped the pin back in and re torqued everything. No big deal Mcneal.


Let the painting begin.


I thought this was ridiculous. "do not use on aircraft"


3pW0xE.jpg   J2zxxE.jpg



First go around took about half the paint off. Second go didn't help the stubborn paint....and neither did the third. So, I went to lowes and got a cheap angle grinder and a wire wheel. I suggest wearing a face mask as the wires will fling off at considerable speed....or you will look like this guy.




Seriously, I had some sticking out of my face and I didn't realize it until I got home. :eek:




After the wire wheel job....some spots were too tight to fit the wheel. So I used a dremel with a tiny wire wheel and finished it off. That tested my patience, but with painting, prep is everything!




Then I hoisted it up into a borrowed garage and put down a few layers of primer.


0ags02.jpg   lmoZIq.jpgq5jNpP.jpg



So, the frame is painted! This was a big milestone for me because everything is done! All that is left is the fun and easy part. Reassembly!

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Great job and a great thread. Gives all of us DIYers some inspiration. I'm slowly getting through my 2002, but not quite at the full tear down stage yet.

Rode a 2012 KX250F this weekend and it's like a BMX in comparison...with very little on tap to just crack it and get the wheel up like our 426s.

Not much to show on the reassembly but here are a few pictures.


Yes, that is my spare room! :ride:



Tossed the old engine in!





Forgot I had to do a brake job. New front pads and a new tank for the rear.






Next post in a few hours I will get you guys some good pics...the bike is officially finished.









WOW. That looks immaculate. Really, you did an awesome job. If I could restore a bike half that good id be stoked. Right on man!

Couple of things left to do.  Petcock needs a rebuild kit, tank vent hose looks like a crazy drinking straw, and the muffler bracket needs to be installed. Q insert reinstalled.


Thanks guys for watching. It was a fun build, and I am so surprised at how easy it starts, even when warm. One kick every time!  Hot requires the hot start, but still starts one kick. No doubt zip ty racing did super job on my carb.

Just read this whole build thread.. Glad I did! How awesome

Factory Fresh

Good choice of frame color. Now you can do any color plastic theme on bike. I did same, but powdercoat. To do again would just useautomotive paint with a hardener and save monies.

Thanks. Its the same color the dr650 guys use to touch up their frames. I had a can leftover and it was just going to go to waste. Why not ya know.

Going to dallas this weekend to help a bud rebuild his forks. Going to take the rims with me to get those awefull tires replaced. Shop called Bates 2 does it for like $5. Money well spent!

Also the carb is going back to Zip Ty Racing. AP Squirt nozle is clogged. Said they would fix for free.

Other than that, I havent been able to really take it out and get a good hard run in. My other race was last weekend and I decided to take the trusty 125.






NICE!!!! I've havnt been on here in the last month or so I've been so busy with school/work and my bike build. really happy to come back and see how far your 426 has come it looks awesome man! cant wait till you get a ride report in!

My build is 95% done I'm so excited to post pictures but I'd like to wait till its finished. My clutch basket and hardware came in, just gotta assemble the new clutch, install the new radiators and figure out what I'm doing about my carburetor. I can't seem to find a middle bodyt kit for it, I thought i had one but it turns out it's for a 03 - 09. I may buy a 2008 carb, rebuild it and stick it in there.

anways, again NICE job man!.

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Got the new tires on MX32 front and rear. Holy smokes I love these tires! Rear wont last long, but that's ok, I have never had this kind of grip/feedback before. I am willing to pay for it.


Got the carb issues sorted out, the bike runs amazing. I love the roll on, smooth power of the 4t....I can drift through flat corners like a boss now.














As you can see I was having a bit of trouble keeping the front end down. I think the rebound was a little quick in the rear or something. This was at the end of the day, I was super tired and called it a day. Next time I will see if I can slow the rebound in the rear down.

Nice work. It has been fun watching your progress . Some day I am going to strip down my 06.

That's some big air, great pics. Feels awesome to ride something you built your self huh?

Can't wait to be able to do that again.

That's some big air, great pics. Feels awesome to ride something you built your self huh?

Can't wait to be able to do that again.


Thank you!


It does feel good! I am enjoying the bike. I really like the way these 4t's handle. The 426 is heavy, but really not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I think the reliability of this brute outweighs that negative. We will see. I am not an advanced rider by any stretch. I am sure the better riders notice it more.


Planning on getting out to Buffalo Creek MX early tomorrow. Will post pics.

Just purchased a brand new gtyr carbon fiber clutch cover on ebay for $49.95 with free shipping!!


I normally wouldn't buy bling like this but, these are normally like 200 bucks. 



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Just purchased a brand new gtyr carbon fiber clutch cover on ebay for $49.95 with free shipping!!


I normally wouldn't buy bling like this but, these are normally like 200 bucks. 



WOW that thing is SICK! I'm totally jealious!!  I had a Pro circuit timing cover painted it so it looked fresh but sadly took a rough bail and the shift lever punched a hole in the cover to the point were the metal was grinding on the flywheel.

congrats on that steal!

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