Crankshaft accession screw (plug) size '15 yz450

Quick, somewhat stupid question...what size? A 10mm Allen head is the biggest I have. I'd rather not get a whole set. Thanks


Take a bolt with a 12mm head and put 2 nuts on it, jammed together. Use the bolt head as the Allen wrench and put a wrench on the nuts. That has worked well for me.

You sure it's 12?  On the Gen2 engines it was 14, and the end of the factory spark plug tool would unscrew it. 

Thanks. I know the bolt trick works well, but I have to go to the hardware store to get which I will do if they don't have the Allen head.

I've read 14 and it looks to be quite a bit larger than the 10 I have. I'll dig out a pair of calipers and measure to be sure.

Or a tape measure. :excuseme:

Opps went to garage and checked its a 14 sorry lol

Opps went to garage and checked its a 14 sorry lol

Thanks for clarifying.

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