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Tire Size question from a newbie

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I read that tire sizes like 70/100x19 convert to 2.75" high, 2.75" wide for a 19" rim. Would this tire then be the same as a 2.75x19 tire? I ask because I'm looking for a dual sport tire for my TTR125 that will fit. The only exactly sized ones still available are the Kenda Trakmasters which are knobby and I was looking for something closer to 50/50 road-offroad, if not more road. By searching for 2.75x19 tires I get a lot more options. According to my manual, the stock rims are 19" tall x 1.4" wide on the front and 16" tall x 1.6" wide on the back. The stock rear tire is 90/100-16, so that would be a 3.5x16 I guess. Anyone who's done it before, please help :)

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