Grey Wire?

Having dusted of an old copy of Dirt Bike, I thought it was time to un-cork my WR426 02. However the Uk version has no grey wire. Does anybody know what colour it is in the UK, or please let me know what wire it is and I will work it out from there.

Thanks :)

gray/grey wire ONLY on US bikes!!

You Euro Guys are favored by Yamaha (except in the exhaust area)

Just what negative way is the european model different in the exhaust area?

We do not have the spark arrestor, but that I see as a positive thing...

as I recall, the Euro exhaust cannot be disassembled(?)

The UK bike comes with a fairly tame std pipe, it can be re-built. I switched to a FMF Q rear, keeping the std header. Great in the summer, now it's colder I'm running rich. Have ordered JD jets to dial it in.

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