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Suzuki Boulevard C50 B.O.S.S. for Dual-Up?

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I'm considering a Suzuki C50 B.O.S.S. for no other intended purpose than going dual-up with my wife. Our combined weight (rider and passenger) is around 350 pounds. Our planned riding scenario will be Adirondacks back-woods paved roads with an average speed of around 45 mph and no more than a 100 mile round trip per day maximum. Much less the majority of the time. We will do no heavy traffic freeway driving but occasionally will do light traffic interstate at an average speed of around 65 mph. I have taken her out on my DR650 (back-woods roads only) and was more or less satisfied with the engine power for our purposes. Did not like the dual-up handling of the bike most likely due to the high center-of-gravity. Will never sell the DR650 but would like to spend some riding time with my wife. The street handling and gearing of the C50 will obviously be better than that of the DR650 and an increase of 155 cc engine size when going to the C50 should help. Has anyone had any dual-up experience with the C50? If so, what are your thoughts? Try to relate to our specific planned riding scenario if possible. I'm 65 and she's 62 and we'll be doing recreational driving only. Any inputs would be appreciated.

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