Anyone out there using the Ty tank please tell me how you like it, if there are any problems and does it improve the handling.

Thanks, Glenn

iv'e hade mine sence oct. 00. i hade to replace it for a new one when right petcock came loose. thay changed the way it bolt on now. i like it because its not high at the gas cap,thin,lower center of gravity but the bad side is if you don't care like me you can't get to choke or hot start and you must turn on and off two petcocks. so learn how to start it up with no choke and get a terrycable hot start switch.and with the yz seat you can turn alot better.

I have had mine since early this year on my YZ, I agree with the other guys. Great tank ergonomically. I used it for winter HS and I go 2 1/2 hours without pitting. I still have about a half gal left at the end of the race. Two things caught me unexpected. First, it carries the fuel very low, which is good, but barely clears the stock head pipe. I had to sell my PC T4 and go back to stock because it would not fit (bummer, I liked the easy off SA on the T4). I put sticky back reflective tape on the tank near the stock header because the tank was getting really warm.

Second bummer, I bought a WR250F that I thought I could use with it and a YZ seat (I run the stock MX tank in the summer on my YZ426 for MX). It fit fine everywhere except the kickstarter would not fit in the tanks recess, Yamaha changed the kickstarter position with the 250F.

I should have mentioned header clearance as with some aftermarked headers there will be interferance with the low tank on the right side. I ran my STROKER with their STROKER's REV header and did not notice it was rubbing on the tank. I melted and burned the plastic tank on the bottom. Thankfully the bottom of the tank is very thick and its ok functionally but has a black burn on the underside on the right. I went back to my PowerBomb header which like stock clears just fine. I'm sure some other aftermarket headers may be a problem with fit while using this tank. I still love the tank for ergos and lower center of gravity.



I'v had mine on for about a year now and no problems so far. It does improve the riding position and carry the fuel lower on the bike. I love mine. The only trouble is the small petcocks which may spin their brass inserts when you install them so be careful on asssembly. You want to install the two small petcocks facing backwards and connect them together with the supplied fuel line.

From the post above is sounds like they redesigned the inserts for the transfer petcocks so maybe that issue is now dead.



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