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03 cr250 wierd stuff happening

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    My first post. Hold your applause please.... I'm new to 2 strokes. I recently bought an 03 cr250. It was professionally rebuilt. New top and bottom. V force3 reeds. DEP pipe and silencer. It has about 15 hours on the rebuild. It has the stock mikuni carb with a 390 mj, 30pj, and not sure what the needle is but the clip is at the top groove or leanest position. Air screw 1.5 turns out. Stock is 420mj, 30pj, needle clip 3rd groove, air screw 1.5.  The guy I bought it from was using half race gas and half pump and a premix ratio of 80:1. I can't remember the brand of premix oil and calling him is not an option. I think it was motul 800 or maxima superM???


Here's the problem. I ran the bike around the yard slow to medium speeds with the gas and premix he had in it. It pulled good bottom and mid. No top end really, just made a lot of noise. But im a bottom to mid rider anyway. It smoked a little on startup but clean after it got warm. No splooge. When i got through running his gas out I decide to take the carb off, clean it, see what jets it had etc. All good , put the carb back on. Checked the power valve operation( I tightened the cables just a hair). All good. Went to the store and bought Lucas 2 stroke oil and Straight 93 non ethanol gas and mixed it at 40:1. ( 80:1 scared me).  Put it in the bike and it fired right up. The barely bottom runs ok but give it any throttle at all and it smokes like a freight train and doesn't pull hard, just makes a lot of noise. Still no splooge though. My carb is already setup pretty lean and by adding more oil to my premix it should be even leaner from what i read. If its lean then why is it smoking that bad. Will a lean running 2 stroke smoke. And dangit wheres all the power?

  Thanks for the help

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