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What is the cheapest option to find an 02 KTM 250 EXC rear wheel with paddle tire?

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Long title...


I want to join my buddies at the Pismo Beach dunes but I don't have a paddle tire. Those are cheap; no worries. But holy moses wheels are expensive. I don't want to spend 300+ on a rear wheel when my suspension needs a lot of work. I can afford my suspension work and a paddle tire but I gotta find a cheap option for the wheel (or wheel/paddle combination.)


I have been scouting Craigslist, Ebay, and I checked out the classifieds on here.. I guess bike wheels are pretty proprietary. So I noticed they have hub and rim kits, etc. That looks intimidating!


What would you guys do? Maybe a the rim spoke kit is the cheapest option but then I gotta buy a brake disk and bearings right? What if I get the wrong parts ahh!






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