Ring Gear Chipped

My Clutch hub ring gear chipped a tooth, so I ordered an OEM (could not afford buying the Hinson AND the OEM as that is what you have to do, I found out!!). I also ordered the primary gear it connects to.

What I don't understand is why this clutch ring gear chipped, I flushed everything out the best I could.....

[ January 23, 2002: Message edited by: G-Man ]

Better look closely to see if anything else is chipped to be sure that your ring gear didn't chip due to a piece of some other gear getting squeezed in there.

G-Man; Is the Hinson hub setup like the basket where you would have to grind off the rivet heads to remove the gear and then bolt it to the new Hinson hub?

This IS an odd failure. Since these are fixed-mesh gears, it would appear to me that there may have been a casting flaw.

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