Sump plug


I have just done an oil change on my WR450F 2008, and the sump plug will not tighten up. So I took it out and there was the dreaded thread on the bolt. Can anyone advise upon how to fix it?

Any help appreciated.



............... Hoody

Mine is the main drain plug under the engine, I have been very lucky though, I tried a longer bolt and it has tightened up well. So no major surgery needed, thank you for the link, it may come in handy.


Thanks ............ Hoody

Due to restricted access, if it does need repairing then the engine has got to come out

At least with that one, any swarf that goes inside the engine from drilling it out can be flushed out, but even if it stays inside there is a wire mesh strainer which will catch it before it goes through the pump and up to the integral oil tank

  • Thank you for the extra info, if I do need to do it, can you just loosen the engine and lift it enough to access the hole or is it a full removal?


full removal

Oh well, if I need to do it then I will just have to do it. I am able to do it, its just the amount of hours the job will take me when I could be out riding it.

I hope my long bolt lasts, I service it after two Enduro races and at this time of year it mean every month I service it. I don't really understand why it has broke, I am always careful, and it seemed to screw in ok, but would not lock up. So I removed it and there were bits of thread and a grey ring around the bolt. The only thing I can think of is a previous repair, as I am the second owner or third cannot remember. Is there a recommended repair kit to go up one size?



there is no recommended 'repair kit' as such


You either drill and tap the thread out to a bigger size, or drill, tap and helicoil it back to M10, or buy new crankcases


Not knowing how much metal is in that area, can't say if going to M12 is doable, or whether a helicoil, or better still a timesert, repair is a better option

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