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Suzuki JR50 steering bearings

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Gidday all, long term lurker first time poster here from New Zealand.


My now 5 year old son moved up to a crf50 from his old 1978 JR50 a while back so I thought I would give the little JR a tickle for his younger brother who has not long turned 3 but already riding the crf with no trainers.


Ok the problem I have is there was always a fair amount of slop in the steering bearings and after taking it all apart I could see why. The bearings were shot, someone had been in there previous or the balls had just dropped out. Anyway, in my infinite wisdom (10+ years as a diesel technician) I thought these bearings are nothing special and easily obtainable so though new set was needed. What was left of the old set went in the trash and the rest of the bike got some paint, new top end and bearings elsewhere.


So I went to order the steering bearings and OMG, $260NZD. You have to be kidding me right? There goes my theory of a $25 steering set. They cost more than my wr250f bearings. I have done a little research and the yamaha PW50 bearings are supposedly a match but only for the jr 1985 and newer. I'm pretty sure though that the jr frame is unchanged since first production in was it 77 or 78? Needless to say though the PW bearings are somewhat cheeper at $25 + $20 shipping on ebay. Still not as cheap as I'd like but it seems my only choice.


Has anyone else come across this issue before I pull the trigger on buying over priced bearings for the worlds smallest dirtbike?


Please help 

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