Tall rider in need of help

My 6'3" friend just bought my 01 YZ and needs to make it more tall friendly. I read somewhere you can get lowered foot pegs but I don't know who makes them or where to get them. Also what are other things he can do to make stand up riding more comfortable. Thanks for the input.

Call Thumperracing.com. They sell bar risers that fit the stock mounts and raise up 1.1/4 and push forward 1. I'm getting mine next week and can't wait. Also he could get taller bars if that's not enough...the risers are about $80 bucks.

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I'm 6'3 also. What I did was go with the Ceet tall seat foam, BRP triple clamp, which positioned the bars directly over the top of the forks, and Jimmy Button Renthal handlebars. As far as the footpegs, mine are stock, but check out this Link for info on the lowered pegs, sounds like they're only for the Honda though, you might want to e-mail Gary Bailey and double check.

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With my 6'5" 260lb wookie frame, I agree that the stock ergos are cramped for larger riders. Here's what I've done thus far;

GYT-R Triple Clamps (4 positions, I use +19mm)

Renthal Jimmy Button bars (tallest, non mini bar)

DGY Tall YZF seat (1" taller than stock in middle)

Position Decompression lever to above bars (avoids contact with knee/leg)

As for lowered pegs I am unclear who actually produces these. If someone knows of a vendor, I would love to hear about it. Stell or Ti.

I have read somewhere that you can make your own 'lowered' pegs by slicing the 'barrel' (lower part that peg pin slides through - shaped like a 1/2" thick washer) off of the bottom of the footpeg and then have it welded to the other (top) side of the assembly. Then you swap the peg springs to the opposite sides (R to L and L to R) in order to get them to fit properly. Should lower the pegs approximately 1/2" and move you back 1/2". Of course this is all from memory, but I believe it can be done... just haven't had the time to try it myself yet.

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I modified my pegs in the above manor and it works very well. I'm 6'3 also. You will have to adjust the shifter and brace pedal. One advantage is more room for big boots for shifting.--Joe

Finally, there ARE tall riders on YZFs! I am 6'5" 182lbs. and feel a bit cramped on my '99 400. Yes, I am a stick, but I can run with the "big" boys. :)

I have applied upper clamps and that moved my bars to a better position for me. I also moved my compression release to the top of the bars. ALSO, if you guys want bigger or custom made riding gear, check out www.phatcatt.com and talk to Craig. I just had some custom riding pants made since I have longer legs 33 waist and 36 inseam! DOH! Very nice guys there!!

Im 6'1 and I now feel short. You guys must look like Yetties out riding in the woods! :)

Yeah, we are a tall bunch. I get on my buddies CR250 and it's like getting on a little toy. I already think my 400 is small for me sometimes, but I still love it! :)

check out this post on wr400/426 page. 17 january

"tallest wr rider" :):D:D:D

6'3" 235 lbs here and in the process of expanding my bike *lol*. The term we use here is Team Clydsdale. You have to be 6' + and 200 lbs + to be a member. Thanks for the link to the larger gear.

02 yz426f protapers cr high bend, bk mod, home made custom skid plate, 13/49 gearing, 10 oz flywheel weight.

i am 6,3 and ride in the dez most of them time. i have a wr400 and this is wha i have done. first off the seat. got a yz seat tank combo from IMS and made the seat about 1.5 inchs taller. them i put Tag triple clamps with +10mm taller risers with tag CR double high bars. to me that is still not tall enough. lower pegs would be nice. i finnall too the top of a protaper bar clamp but it upside down on the bottom tag clamp and them put the top tag clamp on with longer bolts. this is great now. my 5,7 friends think itlooks like ape hangers but it is soo much more comforable to ride with. i have see others do the clamp trick too.


I am 6'3" and 245lbs here! You should see how far I run my bars forward! But I tned to hunker over the front of the bike so my I don't appear as tall on the bike as I really am....

I seem to fit it well, but I wonder if raising the seat would be beneficial ?

Heres the risers that eBaythumper was talking about. Im 6'4", I ride with Jimmy Button Renthals and the bar risers. It really makes standing a lot easier.



I'm 6'2" and 215lbs. and have an '01. I put on the Oberg Sports triple clamp which has five different positions - 5mm aft, stock,5mm forward, 10mm forward, 15mm forward. Of course, I run 15 forward which puts the bars over the top of the forks. I have the stock (oversize) mounts, but Oberg makes taller mounts and I think when you order the taller mounts the also send the stock.

This is a very trick piece of equipment. I ordered through Moto Sport Outlet and they have package deals on Clamp/Bars. I went with the Renthal Fat Bar, CR High bend. One item of note, I spoke with someone from Oberg when I was researching this clamp and I was told that the mounting angle of the Yamaha clamp was something like 27 degrees. This is significant because as you move the mount forward you get some additional rise. The forward-most position is 9mm taller than aft. You can check the triple clamp out at:

Oberg Sports

I bought the one from thumper racing and I love them. They raise the bars 1 1/4" and move them forward 1 1/4". The attack position feels very comfortable. Wherever you get your risers get the taller ones because if they are to tall you can machine them down to your desired height.

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