2012 WR450 better seat, steering stabilizer and header pipe

I am looking for a taller more comfortable seat for my WR450. The stock one is a bit hard. I am thinking of either a Guts comfort seat or having one made softer and taller from SDG which is closest to me.


Also any thoughts on what steering stabilizer to get?......and lastly what FMF header pipe would be best, the Mega Bomb or the Power Bomb (I ride mostly desert and mountain trails)


Any input would be sincerely appreciated.

I've had good luck with the brands you mentioned, I had a Guts tall seat on my DRZ400, and have an SDG on my XR50. But Seat Concepts seems to be the hot ticket these days, check them out.

As for dampers, I'm a big fan of Scotts, but GPR is good as well.

The new (2012+) WR450s already have a power bomb (expansion chamber) header of sorts stock. I'm not sure how much, if any, better an FMF one would be. A Mega bomb might show some improvement over stock, but personally I don't find the WR lacking for power or bottom end. YMMV.

Thank You GP1K, I'll check out Seat Concepts and maybe hold off on the pipe until I get to know my bike a bit better.



SO the seat is like sitting on a 2 X 4....but it gets more comfortable after it breaks IME. I have two seats one with GUTS racing soft foam and I actually prefer the stock seat now....finally.


The stock head pipe is superb. Every bit as good as a Megabomb. Put an FMF muffler on it and call it good.


I'm using a GPR V4 sub mounted stabilizer on the WR and it works great. Probably the best bang for the buck as far as stabilizers go.


HTH. BRaap!

I put a Seat Consepts cover and foam on my Super Tenere about 2 months ago.  Tonight I did the same for my WR450.  It's thicker and wider than stock.  I got the grip surface with the carbon fiber sides.  Not only is this seat quality, it looks really sharp compared to the stock seat.  I'm really sold on this upgrade.


My WR is a '12 and I got an FMF slip on and had it on from day 1.  I'm thinking of going back to the stock can.  This bike has a lot of problems with starting.  Two weeks ago we drove up to the San Juan mountains in Colorado on Friday night.  The '08 carb WR's started right up Saturday at our 9800' camp.  We eventually had to bump start my '12.  I've read on here that this is probably do the CO levels being off (idle/off idle setting).  Sure enough the carb guys got a big laugh out this.


I have road racers and use GPRs on both.  I understand why a damper is used there, but why would you want one on a dirt bike?


HTH and any answer appreciated,


Doug sorry to hear about your starting woes. I've not had any issues with my WR and altitude changes but I don't think I've gone over probably ASL 8K from sea level. The WR starts in gear, hot, cold, whatever. If it starts having problems it'll be valve shim time. I know the air gets pretty darn thin in the San Juans.


Good info on the seats! something to consider.


Where stabilizers are great on dirt are when the handle bars don't get ripped out of your hands when smacking a turtle head at speed, for example. They also improve safety and reduce fatigue considerably IME. The Europeans don't run them usually and I myself have raced open desert without a stabilizer. These days a stabilizer in open desert is mandatory for me. I even like a stabilizer on MX tracks. ;)  ;)

I got a Fisher seat for my 2014 WR450 that I am really happy with it. They did a custom for me on a WR pan a little wider and lower in my case. You can have them do what you want. Not inexpensive but they do quality work and I am very happy I spent the $$.



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