I'm 6'3" at 220, I went up to a 5.4 on the rear shock and on the front forks I had MX-Tuner from TT do a Race Tech revalve for me. He suggested that I stay with the stock spings for the kind of riding that I do. Woods and some MX(a little old and slow ). Talk to MX-Tuner, He will set you up just fine. :)

Pete :D


What year is your YZ?


I am curious, why do you want to change your springs (that is whay you were talking about right?)? I am 6'3" 210lbs and my stock springs work for me (2001 426). I ride mx and trails and I do have to change my compression settings in order to avoid bottoming on the track, but that satisfies me.

I am just wondering about this because I am considering getting my suspension modified but that is because I have not found great settings for me that will keep my tires on the ground during hard straight away acceleration. I think that I just need to work on my rebound, but I am so lazy when it comes to tuning, I can't get myself to stop once I start riding. Anyway, just curious. JW

My bike is a 01. It just feels soft for me, thanks for the reply . WRFUN i might check that out i do feel that i need to go stifer mostly in the rear.i do trails but i also do some hardcore riding.

I had John Curea do my suspension. I weigh 220 neked and had him set up my 99 for a mid-pack MX Vet C rider (I'm hoping to get faster :) ) He only changed the rear spring and re-valved front and rear.

Out of the box, the suspenders work AWESOME :D


i'm 6'5'' 210bls and i want to get stifer springs for my forks and rear but i don't know if i realy need them i want to know what others that are over 200lbs have done if you guys have replaced with stifer ones or stayed with the original ones.

I had Enzo set up mine, Im 6' 190# and he set me up with a 5.4 in the rear, and .47's in the front. It's way more plush now. Confidence inspiring. I was having a problem in small stuff because the preload in the rear was too much to get the race sag right. The front I really didnt realize was bad until they made it right. Anyway, the stiffer springs worked for me, along with the revalve/rebuild at same time. Good Luck

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