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KE 100 turn signal suggestions?

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Hi guys,

The turn signal mounts on my KE 100 are toast on 3 out of 4. The rear rubbers are dry rotted and broke on both sides at the plastic light housing connection. I've temporarily fixed that with some electrical tape so the lights don't droop (and especially the left one is no longer resting on the tailpipe). One of the front handlebar mounts cracked so that blinker also droops, electrical tape isn't helping much on that one. :-)

The blinkers work fine for now. I'm just looking for ideas on more durable fixes or possible replacements. It's a 6v electrical system so LED replacements seem like a not too far fetched possibility.

It's just a fun bike for me to mess with and learn how to work on so I'm open to any reasonable ideas. The original look is long gone.



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