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07 kx250f warp 9 wheel hub size and spacer question? Please help!

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Hey just joined so what's up world!!!!

I have a kx250f I bent the front stock rim and went and bought a warp9 complete wheel.

Questions I have:

1. I measured the hub and it's bigger then the stock one is that making my rotor disk rub against the brake?

2. Can I mix spacers? I have some that are 1inch some smaller then that and some that are 1 1/2 but none of them allow me to put the axle bolt nut back on I was mixing them(haven't rode in like three weeks) and they seem to fix but the front brake rubs.

I have had a super struggle with my bike with this I mounted my first tire without pinching the tube. I was so proud of my self and then this crazyness happened.

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