Next step

Supposedly Saturday




- Stock wheels with Tubliss

- Stock NOS OEM triple clamps

- Modified Shim stack and oil height in the SSS forks

- New bars, clutch lever, clutch cable, clutch pack (OEM)

- BRP submount, frame post for Damper (GPR riser and damper for sale....)

- '07 YZ exhaust cam (modded pin), WR intake cam (hot cams YZ spec cam set for sale...)

- fixed and polished Transmission

- Newtome 3.2 IMS tank (old one cracked to pieces)

- 12 degree advance across the board in the # 2  Dynatek map


Plus the already:


- SSS front and rear

- OS radiators

- Xtra tall seat

- Xtra tall bar risers

- IMS F3 low pegs

- Stage 3 port and polished head

- 2007 YZ carb (I thought my WR carb might have had a problem, otherwise I wouldn not have changed the carb)

- Dubach Racing full Stainless exhaust

- '12 head light shroud with HID, '12 front fender

Clutch basket was heavily drilled, new T3 clutch cable, new ARC-X the clutch feels like a 125 !!







99% finished!


The worlds most expensive WR450F!  What the F!?





Edited by KRANNIE



2007 YZ ex cam, 2008 OEM WR in cam, Ported head, YZ carb specs (+ NCVS needle / 3rd):


- Flatter powerband, no flat spots, roll on power is much more consistent, lugs great, revs not quite as great, but I dont' care. Now the powe delivery is more consistent across the rpm range.

- Thottle repsponse is back to normal WITHOUT THE STUPID CRAPPY POORLY TIMED  HOT CAMS. They are full of crap and can't disparage them enough......

- Grinding the ex decomp pin was a PITA. The 1.0mm grind was not enough. Took several attempts. Paul finally got it to 65 psi, and it starts immediately everytime.

- "Swiss-Cheese" mod to the clutch helped a GREAT deal. Better feel, more consistent engagment, lighter feel, and less throw. Motion pro cable is proabaly 20% of that.

- Stock wheels and triples: much better look, much more precise feel to the ride and steering.

-  Trans polishing made the clunky shifting feel dissapear. Feels like a Honda now.

-  Suspension is too non-compliant. I think I am oversprung for sure in the front (.56). 



Well, it's still has the 'old school' chunky vibratey feel to the motor, and the whole bike feels more 'crude' after a few months on the KTM, but man are the ergos and handling GOOD on this bike.

Very easy to ride slow or fast.

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