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Supermoto wheel set up

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I have a drz400S with dirt tires and stock 18/21 wheels on it. I am going to buy some supermoto wheels and tires. I just put a new 112 link chain and 47 tooth sprocket (14/47 sprockets with 112 link is stock, so that's what I bought and put on it) I was just wondering, it looks like the warp 9 wheels I'm thinking about getting come standard in a 44 tooth rear sprocket. I'm assuming this is to offset the size of the wheel changing the gear ratio, so you don't end up with super short gears. I'm wondering if a 44 tooth down from a 47 tooth  is going to require me to go down a link in the chain length, or if I can get away with a 44 tooth sprocket. If not I don't mind trying to special order with a 47 tooth, since I have a wide ratio tranny, and it's not going to matter that much if the gear ratio drops a little bit with the smaller wheel. If the 44 will fit with my current chain, then that's probably the better choice, since it will be a little closer to the standard ratio.

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