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2010 rmz250 kick start seized

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Hi everybody. What happend is I was on the track on Sunday I say I done about 10 laps give the bike a break went back on the track on my 3 rd lap it came to a hault I tried to kick it over and the kick was jammed so I put the bike in gear give it a little push tryed the kick and it worked so I got the bike started to get it off the track just near the pits it done it again tryed putting it in gear again and pushing it the bike moved but the kick was still stuck so we headed home got the bike in the garage drained all the oil what was fresh the day before 1000ml and the water witch was full of engine ice it had New air and oil fillter to.So we took spatk plug out and clutch casing all the cogs look fine no teeth missing but there is a bit of play in the kickstart cog witch has caused it to move and catch the engine casing by the look of things as there is a mark at the side where its been catching leading up to a big crack in the corner of the engine casing. We took the other side off and turned the crank shaft bolt witch turned easy so hopefully the piston and rod should be ok as any1 had this problem befor and dose anyone think it could have caused more damage to the inside of the engine I am home at the weekend and Will take pics any help will be much appreciated thanks.

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