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Dr. Sanders, partial supraspinatus tear. Opinion

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Dr. Sanders,


  When I was 17 I had a car roll down floor ramps on top of me, frame of car on one shoulder, other shoulder on ground. Xrays then showed no broken bones so I just healed up and went on  my way. As time went on, I noticed a click or popping in my shoulder in my 30's and 40's. My throwing was not very accurate either.


  Fast forward to today. 52 yo and now having pain in shoulder. Pain has progressively gotten worse over the past year or so. Finally went to the doctor and had xrays done. Her assessment of xrays were:



Bones: No fracture or dislocation is present.
Joints: Minimal spurring of the inferior glenoid. Minimal spurring of
the acromioclavicular joint.
There is an os acromiale.
2 sclerotic foci in the humeral head compatible with bone islands.
Soft Tissues: Regional soft tissues appear normal.
1. Os acromiale
2. Minimal degenerative spurring in the acromioclavicular and
glenohumeral joints.
Since then I have had an MRI done and have been referred to an orthopaedic surgeon who, of course, is out of my network.  My PCP said this about the MRI:
 Your MRI showed suspicious for partial supraspinatus tear, unsure if old or new.
My question is, how do I choose a quality orthopaedic surgeon? And considering the trauma my shoulder has been through, what else should be looked at in my shoulder?  Why would a tear show up now? Would surgery fix this problem and can I expect full ROM after?  Thanks for your time.

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I don't know anyone in your area who I know is good at this work. Finding the right person is a pretty hard job. Perhaps you should visit me for a day or so. That all the time I need to get this right.

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