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Minnesota Aug. 15-16th // Supermoto Extravaganza With The Supermotoolz // Duluth

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Date: Aug. 15-16th!
Location: 4600 Stebner Rd, Duluth MN 55803
Stands up: ~3pm ksu
Approx. Ride Length: N/A
Difficulty: Various levels of difficulty
This event has been organized by Brian, I am just seeing if anyone else is going from the cities.
Alright so the main schedule has been set:
Everyone will meet at the lot with trucks trailers etc 
there is tons of parking really close by
Chill, grill ride there with the mini sumo course. 
While this is all going down we have two places you all can stay. 
Keenens and my place, both have garages and both can fit 10 plus. After the lot we can drop trucks and trailers off at each house and hit the streets for a night ride. 
Then huge bonfire and grilling at keenens.
Leave around 10-11am
Ride all day 
Dirt, street, mud and everything a supermoto rider should be doing!!!
You will test your ability, many skill levels and we will all be there to help so don't get discouraged, it's going to be a blast!
Lot day and grilling all day
Chill from all the abuse from Saturday 
Then people can head out when they want.
Must read!!!
Event goals and expectations
Most people understand what it means to ride safe, to act appropriately.
For some, even myself, reminders are necessary in hopes to have many more of these in the next 50 years.
No wheelies, burnouts, flips, stoppies in town.
There will be tons of spots and places that y'all can go ham on that clutch.
Remember your skill level, even the best mess up, but I don't want to be the one in front or next to when and if this happens
No and I mean zero tolerance for drinking and driving! especially riding!!
We will have a bonfire Friday and Saturday night that you can get toasty at lol
As far as the unmentionable do not smoke around the event. If you feel this is something you need I do not want to even have the chance of knowing about it.
If the police show up, if we get pulled over do not say or start shit, I will speak and I will let them know what is going on, I work with every cop in the area and any negative feedback will effect my job and personal life. We don't and those I ride with have never had a problem ever. It will stay this way even with the number of people coming, we need to hold each other accountable for our actions because I and many would like this to happen many times through out the year. I don't want to be the only one letting people know what is expected
This event will be the second best thing to happen in your life besides getting your first bike so get pumped and let's have the time of our life!!!
-Brian F.

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