Pro Action Suspension

The valving is set up for the type of riding that you want to do. The valving for supercross is way different than the valving for Hare Scrambles. There are also different springs dependent on the riders weight and skill level and again what type of riding they are doing. I guess what you need to ask is what type of riding did the guy you bought the bike from use it for and what was his skill level. If he was only 10 lbs. heavier there is enough adjustment in the Compression / Rebound and Oil Height to adjust to your weight.

I just bought a '99 YZ400F, and have a Pro Action Suspension, i do not know how often do i have to revalve, and what maintenance i have to give it.

The last owner weight 10 pounds more than me.

Any Advice?

'99 YZ400F Blue Man

Is there another color?

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