Billy Who's ManFunnel for XR650R

Hey, I just noticed that there is a banner ad for the manfunnel here on thumpertalk.

I live in so cal, close enough to where Billy works that I met him one afternoon and picked one up.

I love it! I've gone from making a huge mess every time I change the oil to a pretty clean process. Yes, I've read the "how to" bits on making a paper funnel, stick, etc. for draining / adding oil. Sorry, didn't work for me.

The only challenge I had was operator error. I was adding oil, using the man funnel, and made a mess. I was pouring from a 4 liter jug and simply overwhelmed the funnel's little bowl. Ended up with oil all over the place. Moral of that story is to use 1 liters or just go slowly.

Thanks, Billy, for keeping my garage floor clean. :)


(no, this ain't spam, just a report from a happy user.

I also like this $15 product and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so how can you go wrong :) I've got two, one for my shop and one for my trailer and use them every oil change :D

how can a get one of these funnels?


I just cut out a 1 liter water bottle, works the same way, about $0.30 to make.....

how can a get one of these funnels?

Check out for more details :)

Cool just ordered one! I have been using different bolltes and such and hope this works as good as it should

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