Fuel leaking from carb

I have a 2000 WR400 that is leaking fuel from the brass inlet piece on the left side of the carb. I tried to replace the O-rings inside but can't find any that fit.

The local Yamaha dealership's schematic doesn't show the o-rings so I don't what to order. Does anyone know where I can find o-rings to replace the worn ones on the brass inlet piece?

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Take the inlet and the oring to a 'real' hardware store that carries all the oring sizes.

Don't use plumbing orings, as some are real rubber, which you do not want.

While riding my '06 down in Baja, mine started leaking, so I wrapped Teflon thread tape around it, and it sealed right up.

Thanks for the help. I think I'm going to try the local hardware store or automotive store. If that doesn't work I may need to get creative.

Step 1) Spit, bubble gum, bailing twine, duct tape.

Step 2) revert back to step 1.

Like they said, try to find a fatter ring that will not melt when gas hits it.

I would also put a dab of Yamabond on it when you install it. Can't hurt.

That stuff is great. I havn't used regular RTV for anything in years.

My 2002 WR426 did the same thing and I was referred to this company by a local KTM dealer.


Sudco International




They have any and all parts for your carb.


The O-Rings are an oddball size and cannot be found in hardware stores.

Sealant of any kind won't work as a permanent fix because the fitting is designed to rotate.


Hope this helps.

Any updates on this?  My 2007 just started this.  Any part numbers?  Thanks!

Your yamaha dealer can order them if they don't have them


Any motorcycle dealer that sells dirtbikes can order them as all dirtbikes till 2011 used the FCR carb.

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