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SSR 70 Type C front end question

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Not sure if anyone has owned one of these pit bikes, but they are great for the $$ especially getting the little riders started on 4 strokes with some gears. Anyway the one problem I have is the front end triple tree. Its not the best and is probably the one and only area this bike has a problem with. Its not sturdy at all. For most kids its ok if they are in the learning mode like your typical Honda 50cc where they are just getting the feel. My son has a 2012 KTM 50 and can move on it. That being said he like to jump and go through whoops. He complained about the front end and said it didn't feel strong, now hes only just turned 8, but he was right the triple trees and bars are a terrible design and not very sturdy. So my question is has anyone changed these out for something more sturdy??

P.S. these bikes are a beast and way worth the $$. SSR makes great Pit Bikes


Thanks in advance everyone,



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