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Suzuki VZ800...Possible problems?

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Ok so, I just purchased a 2003 Suzuki marauder vz800...Not running for 450.


It didn't have a battery...So I took off a battery from my car and tried jumping it that way...all lights turn on, horn works....

Bike does not turn over...Just makes a bussing sound coming from the 30amp fuses where the positive battery cable runs.
all fuses checked out good, all connections are clean and battery the Suzuki takes is 12v just like my lil corolla.

I also noticed that the smog canister was removed to show the jugs of the bike....So all the carburetor lines that run from the gas tank
down to the carbs and the fuel pump are all mixed up...have no idea what goes where since none of the Gas Hoses seem to be stock.
Anyone have possible pictures or video's of what goes where?


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