new guy 12 wr450f

hey guys just wanted to say hi, just traded my polaris rzr for a 2012 wr 450f and wanted to join a great community.


So far the bike is stock except for the throttle stop screw removed and the reprogrammed ecu from Yamaha, is there anything else that needs to be done??


I will be riding logging roads, and mountainous trails in bc.

I haven't even rode the bike yet, just ordered all my gear( chest protector, shin/knee pads, boots, back brace,helmet, and gloves)


is there anything else I should be looking at before riding this thing or just get out and have fun?


my previous bikes were all street bikes so this is my first offroad bike


Handguards might be good to help prevent breaking levers when you do lay it down.


Ride it a bit, then decide what you might want to add / upgrade or replace.



Make sure you're properly sprung for rider weight; you did not list how much you weigh before gear.

Then set sag.


Used bikes: check all bolts, see if air filter is clean, suspension pivots greased (stock grease disappears quickly and turns bearings into orange dusty string cheese mess) and spoke tension. Kind of a pain and labor intensive reality, but it saves time and money and trailside breakdowns.

Being a beginner rider and riding in the mountains, you are probably going to want to regear it.   I recommend 12/52 or so.


I would also find a local experienced rider to ride with.


Have fun !

Ya I weigh about 230, right now and I am about 5'10. When I sit on the bike I can touch both feet slightly more then Just my toes touching. I am pretty close with my dealer as the sell my sled stuff as well and I am debating taking it in for a service and possibly they can setup the suspension for me while I am there

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