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kdx 220 or kdx 200 or kx250f

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I am 14, 5'6 and weigh about 115 and im still growing like a weed. I recently built a motorized bike and im getting tired of it because its too slow and not enough power. I have some experience with clutch but not really shifting gears so i would say my experience level is low. I want to get into dirt biking but not motocross racing. I have done a TON of research and finally came down to three choices I want as a bike. I want either a kdx 200, kdx 220, or a kx250f. I know they are different bikes as two of the three are two strokes and the other is a 4 stroke. I just want to ride around with my friends and I will be riding on open dirt roads and woods trails in my town and gooning around with my buddies because they all have quads. I found a 2002 kdx 200 on craigslist near me for 1500$, a 1998 kdx 220 and the guy said that some guy before him was a master mechanic from Land and Sea and redid the top end of the bike and fixed some other stuff up and its very clean and good bike for 1600$, and a 2007 kx250f for 1700$ and both are very good bargains in my mind and around my budget because Im paying for it. Im not sure if a 4 stroke is better for me or a 2 stroke. Also, do you think that those prices for those bikes are sort of suspicious? 


I need some help so I have come to the thumper talk forums for advice


also I am new to the forums and plan to stay :rolleyes: 

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