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Got my 2014 500 EXC on the dyno

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I've really been having a good year with my 500 exc. I bought it 12 months ago and I have almost 3000 miles on it now. I ride supermoto, ice, and dirt all with this bike. I am doing a track day next month at NYST and I just wanted to make sure I am not running lean. Basically a $60 insurance policy lol. I had the front ice tire come into contact with the stock header pipe and wear a hole in it so I bought a full fmf powerbomb/4.1 exhaust. I also had the xcw map installed at the dealer at time of desmogging. I made an adjustment of the tps voltage while on the dyno. I was reading a lean spot just off idle so I adjusted it from .63 volts to .65 volts.




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Did you make any pulls TOTALLY stock?


There's another thread on TT, in which we've been discussing how much HP you get from an FMF, and whether it's worth the weight savings and money that it costs.  


It would be interesting to know REAL WORLD how much a header adds, and then how much aftermarket exhaust adds.


56HP, though, is just unreal!!!



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