Durability/reliability of using a 450 exhaust cam in a 426

I am going to finally get rid of the manual decompression on my WR426 and have been reading old posts and such regarding using an OEM WR450 exhaust cam vs the HotCam made specifically for the WR426.


I like the idea of more low/mid power from a 450 cam but I am concerned with the durability associated by the different gear pitch of the cam.  


Is this REALLY an issue or has it been blown out of proportion?  What has been the consensus over the years when using the 450 exhaust cam?  Has it caused any cam chain failures, or any other issues I should be aware of/concerned about?


I am probably over-thinking this, beating a dead horse, and splitting hairs but I want to be sure I make the right decision.


Thanks a bunch.

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