Parts leftover after sale/New bike questions

I finally made it happen and sold my 08 YZ450F. I had this bike since new and put almost 375 hours on it. I went through one complete cylinider head, four pistons, one rod kit, and one complete transmission (switch to WR tranny). It was time to upgrade, now I just have to decide between the new yz450 and the kx450. I'm trying to find a yz to ride locally but I have yet to see or hear of anyone who has one in northern AZ. Here's some pictures of the bike just before it sold.












I sold it to a guy who didn't need some of the parts I have and I am trying to get rid of them. I have a complete hinson clutch, gytr flywheel, rad braces, RTT stabilizer, WC clutch perch, sprockets,  handguards, and maybe a set of flexx bars. I understand this isn't the place to do business so please PM or check my classified posting. I'll also try to post the parts to my signature.







Has anyone ridden a 14-15 yz450 and a modern kx450 that can compare the two?

375 relatively trouble free hours and your honestly considering anything other than blue!?

Well I did have this one minor problem:



Yeah but how many hours were on those valve, springs, timing chain vs what the book calls for? Im thinking you got your money's worth out of those 375 hours? No?

What kind of riding were you doing?


I just bought an '09.  It has about 25 hours.  I was hoping to get 150 hrs out of the original piston considering the type of riding (slow single track).   Is that reasonable?  

I had 23 hours on a new piston, rings and timing chain when that happened. The valves had 263 hours and didn't show any sign of failure when I did the rebuild. I'm not saying I didn't get my money's worth, as I believe I did, and most of my riding buddies thought I got well more than my money's worth. I'm just saying the engine did give me a problem.

I was doing mainly desert and off road riding with some GP and motocross worked in. This included lots of single track and slower riding, along with a good amount if higher speed riding/racing. I changed my first piston at 120 hours and my second at 240 hours, and both times I could have delayed that time as the pistons both looked fine and were within spec. I cannot guarantee the cam chain will last that long, as I have seen on this board that cam chains may not last as long. For slower single track with quality oil, frequent oil changes, and a clean air filter every ride, I would imagine you'd make it to 150 hours without a problem with the piston. You might think about changing the cam chain, but then again it might make it just fine.

What'd you think of the 2015 KX450F? I absolutely love the bike for MX, trail and desert. Good thing is the new YZ450 feels very similar to the KX for me and my needs. For some that is a good thing, others not so much.

I really liked the 15 kx. The biggest difference was how light it felt in comparison to my 08 Yamaha. The handling felt great and the front end actually stuck in corners. I didn't get a real chance to test the suspension as the track was pretty smooth but it felt good over jumps. I only got a chance to ride on a tighter mx so I didn't get to really get into top end power but from previous kx450s I've used I don't think there will be any complaints in the power department.

I hear a lot of people complain about the ergos but I didn't get any feeling that the bike felt long or bulky, although I am 6'2". If anything I would have wanted to move the bars forward for a little more room. I'm sure either bike would be an improvement over my worn out 08, but I'd sure like to know how the new yz feels in comparison. I can't seem to find anyone local that has one to try.

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