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2006 Rmz 250 idle isses

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Ive been working lately to tune the carb on my rmz 250 but just when I think I have the idle speed just right it speeds back up again! I slowly turned it down as it warmed up until I liked where it was at but I am afraid the idle speed may be to low for it to get up and running cold. Please help im kind of lost here, no idea what to do...

Also it seems like the bike is wanting to move slightly even when clutch is pulled in all the way in and goes into gear with releasing the clutch maybe an 8th of an inch which seems like a little less than it should be and I also cant figure what is causing these problems...maybe needs a new clutch or clutch adjustment?

Lastly the things idle speed has to be like 8-9mph without me giving any throttle which seem a little abnormal but it could just be me.

Thanks for any help and ideas!

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