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Fuel tank outlet question

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I changed the tank on one of my X's a couple of days ago ----   


I went a bit backwards from what many here do, in that i removed the stock '07 tank and replaced it with the slimmer stock '08-up  tank.


Still haven't got it on the track to see the difference in feel this makes yet, -----  but this particular bike was not built with boon-docking in mind - and i dont plan on being more than 20 miles away from a  fuel staging area -- regardless 


The 07 tank outlet  is mounted in a different direction than the 08-up and is a different part number  , -- - The old unit bolted up fine and i was able to hook up the fuel lines just fine,  but i was a little alarmed when i noticed how close the fuel outlet was to the top of the spark plug boot ----  It is just "right there" -- i couldnt tell you the exact clearance but it appears to be less than 1/2"  perhaps less


Immediately i thought of things like engine heat causing the fuel to boil and other such maladies ---- but i did not know if this was normal or not   -- I figured you folks with bigger fuel tanks must be pushing the limit on clearances in places too  --- but also i wasnt sure if the top of the valve cover area even put out enough heat to be overly concerned about


I keep thinking of that fella's bike burning down in the Dakar rally --  :facepalm:



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