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Rear sag question + taller rider

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I was wondering if the sag has something to do with the rider postion and height. I am 184cm (it's like 6'08")

I have now 100mm race sag and 36mm free sag. The bike is a KXF 250 2013.


When I go over so many brakeing bumps the bike wants sometimes to throw me down. It's a weird feeling - like suspension locks and the bike jumps for a half a second. When I incrise the sag to 105 will the rear calm down and will I get better drive throught brakeing and accelerating bumps?


I am runing some 10mm bar risers + 997 renthals and when I was trying it without the risers I was scared that I will get that kick and will throw me of the bike since the rider position would be lower while brakeing. I feeld that I have a cramped position too with only the 997 while standing. The downside on this setup is the lack of corner speed especially on flat turns.


Regars :>

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