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08ktm xcf 250

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When you hit the gas and let off it has a high idle for about 2 seconds

It will not hurt to ride it, but it might hurt you......unless you keep a close hand on the clutch....


That is called hanging idle, and while it is a carb problem, it is not jetting


I will assume you have already correctly adjusted your fuel screw. If not, read the 'how to set you pilot' at the top of this forum.






Slide plate seal

Fuel screw oring (better; add an R&D remote fuel screw so you can properly adjust the fuel screw for air density changes)

Hot start plunger: make sure it is not corroded and moving freely: clean/polish/grease it and the cable

Hot start nut: they crack, leaking air into the carb. If cracked, replace with zipty aluminum nut

Header crush washer (most ktms do not have this...)

Muffler packing: replace it (stock KTM's do not have this)

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