Crankcase Oil ?

I recently acquired a 98 YZ400F from a coworker that was moving.

Anyway I took everything down to adjust the valves.

Removed the plugs on they flywheel cover to find TDC what oil do I use to replenish the oil that came out when I removed the plug?

And do I just top it off to the top plug?



Engine oil is carried in the frame.  If you had run the bike for as little as 30 seconds prior to working on it, even if you also let it sit an hour afterward, you would have lost no oil.  Start the engine, let it run for 30-60 seconds and shut it off.  Then fill the oil at the dip stick in front of the gas tank until the level is correct.

I have started it let it idle for a few seconds then shut it off. I then checked and saw no oil so I did not want to run it any longer.

I will let it run a bit longer and see if I have oil. Also The dip stick is showing it topped off.

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