450 carb on a 400?

Well I am glad to hear on how awesome this is. I am looking forward to bringing mine up to date.


I don't mind kick-starting it, just want to make it easier and efficient as possible. I want to love my bike, but it isn't fun starting it by wearing yourself out.  But looking forward to these mods.


My buddy brought up his opinion of "buy a new bike", I responded it is cheaper and easier to get this perfectly good bike up to date with "freshies" then having a payment. I think most will agree with me.

RO9, any power gains seen?

I know Your feeling about kicking and kicking, and no start.. sweating and swearing, and your thinking what the f*** am I doing wrong(?).. I was really Close to giving it up and selling it.! But luckily I didn't! :)
With the "New" carb all is like a dream!
About Power gains, I can't answere that one because when I got the bike it had a worn out mikuni which didn't even fit on the engine. the prev owner did use a car rad hose to Mount in to the engine. Did Not look like he had put an effort in it at all.... the bike at that point was running like crap. hard to start, bad idle, hesitation and bogin.
The 450 carb i bought on ebay had the throttlestop screw mod to open the Wot all up allready, and I did the grey wire cut at the same time I switched the carbs.. So I really don't know what it should run like as Stock. All I know is I woke up an Animal of a bike, grunching anytime I turn the throttle at any rpm Punching the bike forward! Makes me smile even thinking about it! :D

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Awesome to hear. I want to wake up my animal with updated "freshies" to modernize mine and looking forward to adding mine on.

So what do I need to do to the carb to get the right fuel air mixture with header and slip-on to not be too lean or rich?

Maybe nothing else than lifting the needle one step, or two.? You have to try, to find out! ;)

RO9, any power gains seen?

Since both carbs have a 39mm bore, top end power should be the same although low and mid range performance might be improved with the later carb.

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