Hanging extra wheels in garage?

Thought I would throw this question out to the group. I'm lucky enough go have a plated wr and I have several sets of wheels for dual sporting etc and they are taking up all kinds of space in the garage cluttering up the place. Was thinking I could hang them from a joist with hooks but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has thought of this or a better way?

How do others store their wheels for easy access?

What is wrong with hooks?

I mount mine on the end of a storage rack, one hook for each

You could give some to someone who can't afford another set like me :)

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Kah ran née, do you have a pic? Is the hook sideways ?

just go by home depot. You can use either the yellow, square/ u-hook kind or the wider tube hook kinds that are made from 1" tube steel.  If you think your rim will get screatched, wrap it with duct tape or something..

Thanks guys, hooks from ceiling it is.

A riding buddy with multiple extra wheels has a large enough garage with the space to store wheels this way: a rod/pole covered in foam that extends straight out from the wall. Down low. No lifting wheels up and down. And the rod is not situated in a manner that shin bones and knee caps hit the spare wheels or empty rod every other walkby. Completely out of the way. Saves his older back from lots of lifting.

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