Removing gas tank difficulties 2013

Dang site erased my previous topic. 


Anyway, I'm trying to do a rather simple task of changing my tank to the IMS tank, but i can't get the stupid fuel hose disconnected. I'm reading through the manual and follow it and it doesn't budge. 


It says you're supposed to push the orange clip down, but there's a guard in the front that doesn't allow that to happen. Then the tabs in the side are so tiny i can't get my fingers in there. I use a couple of tools very gently and it still doesn't budge. 


Looks like it's almost installed wrong. What do you guys think?




Disregard, got too frustrated and didn't use my head. As i was writing that i thought,  "Stupid! so disconnect the the retainer that's holding the orange deal on!" --- Long story short, did that and it came right off. 

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