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No brakes! Ok just the rear…but still.

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I headed out for some solo miles this weekend and on the second day, some 250 miles out my rear brakes were no where to be found… They had been working fine, stopped for lunch at a small town diner (Silver Lake Cafe & Bar and the burger was awesome!) and when I jumped back on and started riding I noticed something was funny.


The rear break peddle only has a little resistance, it goes all the way down, I assume it's only limited by the max throw of the master cylinder. There are no visible leaks, everything is good and dusty and it's all dry. The reservoir is just below the full mark.


About six months ago, I had a local shop install new brake lines (F & R) and when I picked it up they mentioned that bleeding them was a pain. It's funny, I would have guessed they do this stuff everyday - looking back now, perhaps I should have been more concerned. However, I do have 2500 miles on the new lines, without issue, so it seems rather unlikely that it's related.


I assume, when master cylinders fail they puke fluid all over or simply seize…but I'm just guessing. Anyone have first hand experience?


I'm inclined to begin by bleeding the brakes again, myself with the hope that is an air bubble. But, if that is the culprit shouldn't I be concerned about how the air got into the system or could it have been leftover from the service months ago??





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