07 yzf 450 blowing vavle cover gaskets

Hi every one I just picked up a 07 yzf 450 very nice bike. Starts every first to second kick idles runs great. I rode it for bout an hour, wile i was at wide open throttle the valvecover gasket blew out. Replaced with oem gasket checked to make sure nothing was in breather line, I got it back together and rode it for 5-6 hours, wen I got back home I noticed that air/oil was weeping threw bottom of vent hose, so I cleaned it Up and put in shed. The next day I took it for ride up the road and back, on the way back I was about quarter throttle and the valve cover blew again? Bike still starts and runs great I don't get it any help would be appreciated.

Oil is at right level to

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Pulled top end off there were no cracks in piston or head? Anything els I should be checking? I noticed that piston is a high comp piston could that be the problem? I'm ordering new stock piston and gaskets hopefully this fixes problem

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