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Broken Metacarpal

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Well my 450 finally bit me after 3 years. I was cruising a 4x4 trail in the top of third gear. I turned around to see where my buddy was and when I turned back forward... I'm not sure what happened. I ended up going over the bars and airing out about 15 feet and going really headstrong into the dirt. I think I must have lost consciousness for a few seconds because I don't know what happened abs only recall the sound of my helmet grinding in the dirt and rocks. When I stopped sliding and was able to collect myself I checked my arm which was bleeding because of the road rash, checked my legs to see if I could determine why they were in so much pain. After determining those body parts were fine, I took my gloves off only to see a bone trying to come through the skin on the back of my hand. 3 xrays and 4 ct scans later and the second metacarpal is cleanly broken. This happened Friday and I have to meet a surgeon on Monday. The base of my fingers are all quite black. I would assume my hand got caught between the brake lever and the bars when I was ejected. Hard saying though.

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