Clarke tank with two petcocks

I bought a Clarke tank awhile back for my 426. It had both sides of the tank drilled for a fuel petcock. I tried running fuel lines and T'ing them together to the carb, but couldn't make anything that was both practical and looked ok. I removed the hoses from the right side for now, but I still have the petcock there as I can't find or think of anything to secure the holes.

Id rather run just one line and plug the other side. Does anybody have suggestions to plug it/secure it/cap it or whatever? Or does anybody have pictures of running two lines to the carb?



I just set mine up a couple weekends ago! Unfortunately I don't have any pics of my setup, but I could probably take some tonight if your interested...


For mine I just bought some 1/4" (inner dia.) 3/8" (outer dia.) tubing and found a compression type T fitting designed for 1/4" ID tubing. Found the fitting at Ace Hardware for like 2 bucks. 




I was able to hide the fitting pretty well so you don't really see it and if I need to remove the tank I just pop the hoses off the petcocks as usual.


Hope this helps.  :thumbsup:


Let me know if you want to see some pics.

To plug it, cut a plate from a piece of 3/16" or so aluminum stock the same shape as the gasket and bolt the on in place of the petcock. 

Thanks for the response. I'm interested in both of these options. Jonathan a pic or 2 would be great.

I reversed the '98-'05 style petcock on the right side so the handle is outside and the outlet faced forward.  Then I rolled the fuel line in 4 layers of ordinary aluminum foil where it ran up and over the front of the engine (using various cables and such in that area to keep it from direct contact with the pipe) to the petcock on the left that I modified by pressing a hose nipple cut off of a brass fitting into the blind hole in the front of the petcock and then drilling it through.  Epoxy the nipple in place.


Got some pics of my setup...


Here are the hoses attached to the T fitting that I found at Ace Hardware



Used the existing adjustable zip tie to hold the fitting in place on the backside of the frame



Routed the left side behind some other hoses and such



Routed the right side straight back, behind some other stuff



Some pics of how it looks, sorry pics are kinda dark




This is the fitting that I used... you can't beat $2.50!



I was worried about getting a good flow to the carburetor since the hoses go up and then back down to the carb, but so far I've ridden a few times and haven't had any problems...

Awesome. Thanks a lot guys. I'll do some experimenting with these. I never thought about drilling out the blind side of the existing petcock. Pretty clever

That came to me right after I decided that I could protect the hose from heat better by going around the front than back, up and over the rise in the header.  Once the hose came out the other side, right next to the petcock, I said, "why not?"

Gray where did you get the hose from? It looks OEM like. And how would you reverse the petcock for the right side? I was going to take one from an XR650R simply for the diameter and orientation of it

The hose is from Motion Pro.  High silicone content, stays supple for a very long time.  :thumbsup:


The petcock you have on the right can simply be unbolted and turned around with the handle on the outside.  Also, be aware that the '98-'05 petcock has the outlet on the right when facing the handle, and the '06-'09 petcock has it on the left.  Both the exact same bolt pattern, etc.

Just a thought. But maybe the second petcock is used to access the gas on the side of the tank that hangs lower than the frame backbone. I.e. Like a reserve.

Hope you don't have a patent on this Gray. ..


Nope no patent.  :cheers:

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