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87 DR125 - Broken & Stuck rear brake pedal

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Hi everyone,


I know 87 isn't as old as alot of the bikes in this section but thought you guys might have more experience with this sort of thing.  Plus, I don't get much response to anything over in the DR thread.  I picked up an 87 DR125 for $150.  It runs, needs a bunch of other stuff.  The rear brake pedal is broken off leaving just the stud part going through the frame.  I took off the castle nut on the back side and tried to use my pry bar to push it out from the backside.  No dice, this thing hasn't moved in a while.  So I tried some heat....still nothing.  So what's the trick to getting this thing out??  I can't put something on the back to hit it out without taking at least the swing arm off that I can see.


HELP!  Oh and thanks in advance.

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