questions about my new-to-me 03 wr 450

Those point and shoot instant read infrared thermometers are great!


 Glad you got it all checked out and it is functioning properly!  :thumbsup:   


I have ridden mine about 3-4 times since I installed the fan.  I just have a thumb operated push button on left handlebar and switch it on whenever I am just using first gear. That muffin fan pulls so much air one of my buddies said I could probably use it to help pull me up some of the steeper hills!


I noticed today (as it was pretty hot out) that the motor sure does seem to percolate a LOT better when it does not get so hot. Before I had the fan installed you could tell when it was getting close to being hot as it would tend to stumble some when you twisted the throttle, Never does that at all now.


 Also a good thing about having a fan that sucks so much air is it is NOISY when the motor is shut off, so you never forget to switch it off once the motor is killed, so it will not drain your battery.

Here are a couple shots of the fan...I just learned how to post pics so need the practice so I will remember !

'03 WR450 clutch 007.JPG

'03 WR450 clutch 008.JPG

that's awesome man, thanks! might look into that. bikes working alright, lost my clutch cable Saturday morning :(. will pick one up this week.


one little problem which might indicate lean jetting:


its a real bastard to start after its been sitting for a week, just cranks forever, other then that it runs mint! if it was just ridden the day before it starts pretty quick 

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