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I need some help with a few older ATVs, Kawi KLT 185/ Suzuki LT 125

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Hi all! The past few weeks, I have acquired 2 older atvs, and I am having some trouble and would appreciate any tips on these machines!

The first one is a 1984 Suzuki LT 125 quad. The thing actually runs pretty decent. It bogs alot tho when throttled or at higher speeds. I need to find some plastics because the previous owner painted it, and the paint job is terrible! So far I haven't found anything that takes this paint off without scuffing or fading the original orange color underneath and I need a new seat or cover..

My main problem with this Atv is that the steering is terrible because there's no weight in front. Even if I get up over the handlebars, the front wheels still come off the ground a little and I don't have much steering control. In front of the motor on the frame, there is an empty space that looks like a battery might have once been there (sidewise). But I can't find any info online if these actually had a battery on them for anything. I think by just having a battery up there would weight down the front a little bit for more steering control.. Is anyone familiar with these old LT125s? Anything else I should know about this machine?

Next one is a 1986 Kawasaki KLT185 3 wheeler. This one needs work and I need new rear plastics.

It ran fine yesterday, but today I can't get it to start at all. I have spark, I have good compression. New gas, I put a little seafoam in it, some new oil. I get it to fire up every so often, but it's less than 5 seconds and shuts off before I can mess with the throttle. Anything you can think of that I can try with this one?

When it was running, there was a little oil all over the motor. I haven't had this thing long enough to even check to see where it might be coming from. Also when the machine is not running, it will roll with no problem when I push down the shifter into gear. Everything else I've had either won't roll or roll with difficulty if its in gear. So maybe there might be something wrong with the gears? The muffler also needs to be replaced as it is rusty and falling apart. Any tips on this machine or my problems would be appreciated!

I got both of these on a trade, I know they are old, and I don't expect them to be perfect, but I am just having some issues and am stumped, so ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1408329074.495791.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1408329124.934226.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1408329145.125913.jpgany help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much in advance!!

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