Loss E-Start during ride 2007 WR450

I was coming down from a ride and had to close a cattle gate.   After doing this I pressed the electric start and got nothing, the dash actually looks like it went out then came back.  My mileage reset back to zero.    I had no problem using the electric start earlier during the ride.   My battery has had no issues.  I was able to ride out.


I removed the seat to check the fuses and relay.   The fuses are fine, when I touch the button I can hear the relay, it  sounds like a little motor is running in there.  Is that what it suppose to sound like?   I'm hoping it something like a bad relay.   My electrical skills aren't that great, but If it turns into that.  I guess another learning experience.

Can you kick start it?


My bike starts of the estart but sometimes the engine gets "locked" and unless i kick it it won't even turn over. But once I free it with the kick, it usually starts of the button again. I think its just a lot of compression for the starter to turn over and depending where the piston is it makes a difference on if can get her going. 


Im going to put in a Shorai battery when this one croaks.

If you hear spinning, it's not the starter motor, it's the starter clutch.


Need more info

If you hear spinning, it's not the starter motor, it's the starter clutch.

Need more info

I hear spinning coming from the relay (black closed connector by battery terminals). Is the the starter clutch? Should the black relay just click or do you hear it spin?

You are not hearing any spining by the battery; there are no rotating parts up there .

The starter clutch is next to/under the starter.


If you press the button, and hear a click click , click click, that is the relay for the starter. 

If you also hear a WHIRRRRrrrrr.r. r r ... that is the starter clutch not engaging. It needs reaplacing. It wears out from starting in gear with a poorly adjusted clutch.

Ok so I hear the click, but I hear nothing coming from the starter. Silent.

So I need to check to see if I have voltage down at the starter with a ohm meter?

Yes, if you have 13.5 voltage and no starter whirl it's the starter.

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So I was getting 13.2 on the battery, but I have read to many posts where the battery was the problem. So I got another battery from another bike and the bike fired right up. Kinda odd that a battery will just suddenly fail. I then checked it again and it was 9v. I put it on my battery charger and the charger just clicks. Looks like I'm in for a new battery. Any recommendations? You guys like the light weight ones?

Thanks for the help.

The shorai seems to last.

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